Tuesday Tarot from 30th January 2018

Week from Tuesday 30th January 2018

Ten of Wands

image of a beautiful red haired lady dragging a cart representing the 10 of wands

You are nearly at the end or very close to completing a project that has taken its toll on you both physically and emotionally. Now is the time to put in that extra effort and those late nights to finish it off.

Remember that the rewards and success will be yours, and at the end will make it all worthwhile. Concentrate on those parts of the project that are most important to you. Ask for help from others to assist you in completing the less difficult tasks.

The Ten of Wands can also represent you relocating. Especially if all the packing and decisions about the move are left to you.

If you are in a relationship, you are probably the one having to make all the effort to make it successful, while the other partner makes no effort at all. Your relationship may feel like hard work, rather than something you should be enjoying.

This is only a rough patch that you are going through, so feel confident that life will improve in the near future!

Author: Rose Smith