Tuesday Tarot from 30 June 2015

Week from Tuesday 30 June 2015

Knight of Cups

Now is the time to step out, move more and explore your emotions. You may actually find yourself having a good time as you let down your hair and see what the world has to offer. It’s not all about fun however, you can actually pick up how you feel more readily about different situations you may not normally encounter.

Romance may be on the horizon as you calmly make your way on new exciting journeys, even if you don’t go very far. There’s a kind of peacefulness and stability around you too so you shouldn’t go too far wrong as long as you act on what you feel.

You may soon hear some good news and you will feel optimistic and positive, particularly about those of a romantic nature. You could get good news about something you have waited a long time for.

Card interpretation by Rose Smith.

image of woman drinking a pint of beer wearing knight's clothing

Author: Rose Smith