Tuesday Tarot from 2nd October 2018

Week from Tuesday 2nd October 2018

Seven of Pentacles

image of woman sitting surrounded by 7 of pentacles

Now is the time to be patient. Plant the seeds, nurture them and wait for them to grow. You have been working hard to achieve your goals, yet you are not quite there. However you can be confident positive results are not far away.

The lady on the card is thinking about the future and what she can do with the rewards of her hard work. This is not the time to make rushed decisions about your future. Take a step back and look at the big picture. Look at all the options open to you. You may decide to build a house, set up a business or get married. Such big decisions require you take the time to really think through before acting.

The Seven of Pentacles suggests too that the money you need to fulfill your plans will be available. You have no need to worry. If you are planning on retirement, this card shows you can daydream about what you will do in retirement. It is nearly time for you to put your feet up and take a well-earned rest.

Just as you plant and nurture seeds and wait from them to grow for your big plans, apply this principal to your relationships. If you spend time caring and being understanding, your relationship will be successful.

Author: Rose Smith