Tuesday Tarot from 2nd April 2019

Week from Tuesday 2nd April 2019

Queen of Cups

image of a woman in a green dress holding the queen of cups tarot

The Queen of Cups is governed by the Water element, as the card shows she has a close connection with the sea.

If you decide to make a home for yourself near water, whether it be the sea or a river, you will feel contented and at peace.

You most likely are happy when the people around you are happy as well. You make it a priority in your life to help others lead a happy and fulfilled life.

Your home is your sanctuary and the warm, loving and welcoming space you create attracts many friends and family who want to spend time there. You tend to be the peacemaker when conflict occurs, you often have friends and family turning to you to solve their problems.

In your relationships you like to avoid conflict and arguments, so you approach things in a soft and gentle manner. You are loyal, faithful and love deep and unconditionally.

In regards to a career path, you would be in your element if you chose holistic therapies as you are a natural healer. You could also help people through troubled times or a loss by developing your psychic abilities.

Author: Rose Smith