Tuesday Tarot from 29th January 2019

Week from Tuesday 29th January 2019

Five of Swords

image of roman man overpowering a woman slave

You may have won the battle but you could end up losing the war. The Five of Swords card is a symbol about you achieving control in your own life and situation.

You may have people offering their opinion about how you should live your life. Is this worth fighting for? Do you need to justify yourself? You will know what to do.

If you feel drawn to this card, the Five of Swords is asking you to decide if it is worth winning the argument. It is important to think before you act, be mindful about what you say in the heat of the moment. If you do end up saying something you regret later, have the courage to apologise, you will benefit in the long run.

Feeling controlled in your relationships? Then ask yourself questions. You will know what to do here. Have the conversation with those close to you to let them know how you are feeling.

If you feel people are interfering in your life… jealousy may be at play. Just be alert to people who are trying to have their ‘third person’ opinion about your life. Do not be afraid to speak up!

Author: Rose Smith