Tuesday Tarot from 29 September 2015

Week from Tuesday 29 September 2015

7 of Wands

image of woman surrounded by 7 bats representing 7 of wands tarot

Watch out, you’re on fire and going to take what you want. Anyone who gets in your way will see another side to you and this may not be a bad thing. Self-sacrifice can sometimes be your middle name and it’s now time to stand up and be counted.

Gone are the days where you put your needs in second place. There’s a spiritual lesson to be learnt here and that is you need to find a good balance between your needs and the needs of others. Just remember not to go too far in your own defense.

You may be feeling unsure and under confident but you must try to overcome current challenges. Someone is having a right go at you but you can still move ahead with your plans and be successful.

Do not give up. Stay true to your heart and all will be well!

Tarot Card Interpretation by Rose Smith.

Author: Rose Smith