Tuesday Tarot from 29 December 2015

Week from Tuesday 29 December 2015

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image of woman wearing a cap and holding a baseball bat

You’re thinking just now about going for what you want, you could travel (mostly short journeys) in the course of achieving your goals. Although your ideas may not have taken form yet, planning is an important step and you should spend some time in this phase before taking physical action.

Feeling free spirited with a sense of discovery, you embark on any number of ideas trying to figure out which way you should go. This is all part of the decision making process and shouldn’t be hurried or acted upon at this stage. Just get all your thoughts in alignment and go through the process…it all looks positive.

Don’t spend a lot of money or jump in boots and all, just allow your creativity to emerge and write it all down. Your course of action will come clear in time, just don’t be impulsive. Wait for the energy to develop and mature before you take substantial action.

Tarot Card interpretation by Rose Smith.

Author: Rose Smith