Tuesday Tarot from 28th November 2017

Week from Tuesday 28th November 2017

Knight of Swords

image of woman knight representing the knight of swords tarot card

The Knight of Swords card is telling you it is time to take action to move ahead, but not too fast! Take the time to listen to the messages from your heart and your head. Avoid jumping in feet first without thinking things through.

At the moment, your life could be full on. You could have visitors staying who disrupt your daily routine, or it could be that you are involved in a legal or medical situation that has you anxious and worried.

Tackle any projects that you have, a little bit at a time. Don’t leave everything to the last minute where you feel you have to rush.

If you are about to go on a trip, be careful that flights aren’t cancelled due to high winds and storms. Likewise if you are planning on a sea voyage the offshore storms may happen with little warning.

A relationship may be heading your way. A new partner’s intelligence and personality might attract you more than their looks. “Don’t judge a book by its cover” as the saying goes.

Author: Rose Smith