Tuesday Tarot from 28th March 2017

Week from Tuesday 28th March 2017

The Knight of Wands

image of woman in a knight of armour representing the tarot card knight of wands

The Knight of Wands element is Fire. If you feel drawn to this card, it indicates you have a fire in your belly and you are ready for action, travel, movement and change in your life.

You will start lots of projects and have great ideas but always remember to finish what you have started, instead of leaving half-finished tasks and riding off into the sunset.

It is unlikely that you follow traditional and boring ways of doing things. You are always looking for new and exciting ways to tackle a task.

You probably find it hard to stay in one place for long, you like to keep on the move. Once you arrive at a destination you are already thinking where you could travel to next, usually an out of the way exotic location.

When looking for partner, someone who has the wander-lust like you is the best choice. They will need to be able pack up at go at a moment’s notice.

A settled and traditional life is not for you, no house in the suburbs, car in the garage or 9 – 5 job.


Author: Rose Smith