Tuesday Tarot from 28 June 2016

Week from Tuesday 28 June 2016

The Devil

image of the devil with horns on his head

Don’t be distracted. This presence of negative energy is an illusion. See behind the situation or person at hand… or do you choose not to hear the truth?

We are creators of our own underworld. The emotional and physical challenges that come with choosing this dark shadow of energy, destroys our inner pure innocence.

See beyond the act. Build a shelter of protection. True power of protection begins with you.

Make the change – stop pursuing unrealistic things which will lead you to pain. Radiate out loving rays of light towards any negative situation. Don’t let this negative energy change who you are.

Be strong. This path can be hard. You will come to understand the darkness through your instinct and truth.

You are an amazing being. You are stronger than you think.

Tarot Card interpretation by Psychic Maria.

Author: Maria