Tuesday Tarot from 28 July 2015

Week from Tuesday 28 July 2015

Wheel of Fortune

Well you’re on your way. Recently you may have been stuck in a position that you’ve been anxious to move away from. The time is now here to move forward in your life. Don’t procrastinate or worry about what you are to do or in which direction you should move. Just move anyway and you can change direction later.

The Universe is smiling and encouraging you to make your move, so spin the compass of your mind and make a choice….any choice and just do it! The winds of change are finally here so you can act knowing that you are being shielded by a benevolent and loving Spirit.

Good luck is with you as your destiny spurs you onto greater and more wonderful things! Expansion and great opportunities are there waiting for you.

Tarot card interpretation by Rose Smith.

image of wheel of fortune tarot card

Author: Rose Smith