Tuesday Tarot from 27th November 2018

Week from Tuesday 27th November 2018


Image of woman using her strength to reach out representing the strength tarot card

Always know you can call on your inner strength to help you put aside any fears you have… your inner strength will enable you to handle any situation and survive through it. You may also be asked to help others work through difficult situations. You can help then by using your lovely understanding.

At times you may act as a mediator during explosive situations, you use reason rather than anger to solve the problem.

Your calmness shines through when difficult situations arise. As shown on the card the women is staying calm even when in the mouth of the Lion.

If you are looking at a change of job or career, be proud like the Lion and step forward… don’t let the fear of failure and rejection hold you back.

The infinity symbol above the woman’s head is a sign that you are protected from any danger. Your Guides and Angels are letting you know you will be cared for.

Author: Rose Smith