Tuesday Tarot from 27th March 2018

Week from Tuesday 27th March 2018

Page of Swords

image of woman in suit holding the page of swords

If you feel drawn to the Page of Swords tarot card, it suggests that you are a great communicator. You are a quick thinker with lots of ideas and plans running around in your mind. You tend to call a spade a spade so you attract people that want direct and honest answers to their questions.

You may even be involved in the legal profession or have a career in the police force. You often pass on news about legal matters, contracts, court summons or fines.

If you are experiencing problems in your life at the moment, the Page of Swords encourages you to use your logic to find solutions and think positively. The sword in the picture reminds us that every story or situation has two sides, the double edged sword.

When looking for a partner you are likely to be attracted to deep thinkers, who are also honest and trustworthy.

Author: Rose Smith