Tuesday Tarot from 26th September 2017

Week from Tuesday 26th September 2017

Three of Pentacles

image of woman carving out a sculpture surrounded by 3 of pentacles

You are a team player. This card shows that you enjoy being part of a team and achieving things as a group. You are very capable of achieving goals by yourself however, you much prefer to work on goals and project with others. If you get the role of team leader, you are very good at bringing together all the efforts of the other members to finish a major project successfully.

As the lady on the card shows by slowly chiselling away at the statue, you like to work steadily towards your goals. When working on a project, you pay particular attention to detail.

If you are having issues in your family, instead of trying to solve them by yourself, call a family meeting and try and resolve the situation. You might be surprised about the input from other family members.

In a relationship? This card suggests that you both have a strong sense of commitment and want the relationship to grow. As a team you could be building your own home.

At this time you will be feeling you have reached a time in life where you know what you want and where you are going.

Author: Rose Smith