Tuesday Tarot from 26th June 2018

Week from Tuesday 26th June 2018

King of Wands

image of king sitting on throne representing king of wands tarot

It is time for you to take charge of your life and take on the world. Lead the way, take a risk and be bold and courageous.

The King of Wands card indicates that you enjoy working with people who act and think like you. You are quick to take action when you hear of a great idea, you don’t spend weeks weighing up the pros and cons, you are a risk taker.

This card also tells us that your ideal partner would be similar to yourself. Independent, confident and assertive, you will both maintain your own circle of friends and enjoy activities that do not involve your partner. This will keep the relationship fresh and you will always have lots of different things to talk about while having dinner and enjoying each other’s company.

You are great at manifesting things in your life at this time, in both the personal and work fronts. Go conquer!

Author: Rose Smith