Tuesday Tarot from 26 May 2015

Week from Tuesday 26 May 2015

9 of Pentacles

Some abundance is coming to you after a prolonged drawn out situation. You will reap a good harvest and you have learnt a lot from what you have been through to get this far. The hard part of the scenario is almost over and then you can reap your rewards. Money and change are implicated in this card, so you may find your financial situation improving soon.

You are mature and experienced now and you might sit back and take it a little easier for a short while. Achievement through your own efforts is likely and your creative endeavours are likely to be successful. You could be feeling confident, independent and satisfied with what you have been able to achieve lately.

Well done and good luck with your next creative project. You are likely to think of something new to start with when you sit back, relax and contemplate your future now.

Card interpretation by Rose Smith.

image of beautiful woman with the 9 of pentacles

Author: Rose Smith