Tuesday Tarot from 24th April 2018

Week from Tuesday 24th April 2018

Ace of Wands

image of a bat and crown representing the Ace of Wands

An exciting opportunity might be heading your way. The hand reaching out from the cloud grasping the wand that is still flowering, growing and developing, is showing you are ready to take hold of an idea and run with it.

Think outside the box for ideas that are not the norm. Listen to your instincts and if it feels right you should act now. You can develop and grow your idea as you go along.

The Ace of Wands can also indicate a gift of money or a gift of someone’s time and expertise to help you develop your idea.

If you have been interested in a person as a potential partner for a while, now is the time to grasp the opportunity to strengthen the connection between you.

A new spark of fun and attraction could occur if you are in a steady relationship. The Fire energy of this card will heighten your passion.

Author: Rose Smith