Tuesday Tarot from 23 August 2016

Week from Tuesday 23 August 2016

Queen of Pentacles

image of a woman in a red gown representing the queen of pentacles tarot

Are you needing a hug? At the moment you may be feeling that you need your Mother or a “motherly” figure in your life, to nurture and care for you.

You could be a business women who is spending too much time away from family and loved ones. This card is indicating that you need to have more balance in your life and spend time with your family, doing down to earth motherly activities. It could be cooking a family meal or reading a bedtime story to your children.

You have high expectations for your children and you assist them in any way you can to help them succeed.

Through your hard work you have achieved financial independence and you enjoy sharing your abundance with the ones who are close to you.

In your present circumstances, it is important that you are compassionate with the people you are dealing with and work toward coming to a realistic and simple solution.

Tarot Card interpretation by Rose Smith.

Author: Rose Smith