Tuesday Tarot from 22nd November 2016

Week from Tuesday 22nd November 2016

The Empress

image of a beautiful empress sitting on throne

You may be about to go through a period of growth and receive positive abundance and prosperity in your life.

The Empress is a mother figure and shows that you are a loving and giving person. If you feel a connection with this card it is likely that you bring harmony and stability to your home. You feel happy at home surrounded by family and friends. You always make them feel welcome and contented when they are around you.

The Empress also represents Mother Earth and she encourages you to spend time in nature and respect the Earth by recycling and conserving energy. Spend time to nurture yourself too, enjoy a long soak in a bath or lunch with friends.

If you have been worried about finances lately this card also indicates that you will be provided for.

Tarot Card interpretation by Rose Smith.

Author: Rose Smith