Tuesday Tarot from 22nd May 2018

Week from Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Page of Pentacles

image of pentacles symbol hovering above the hand of a beautiful woman

Start laying the foundations now for your future, whether it be for your career or personal life. Stay grounded in your plans, and don’t fall for any ‘get rich quick’ schemes. Remember the old saying…”If it’s too good to be true – it is!”

All Pages have a love of learning and study, so if you are feeling drawn to this card consider including study or a course in your plans for the future. A new job or prosperous financial opportunity is on the horizon for you, so studying something new that is of interest to you may help.

The Page of Pentacles card also indicates that your relationships will be stable and secure – you are not likely to be jumping in and out of relationships. Your partner will be steady, loyal and faithful. They will be trustworthy and caring and will expect the same from you.

Spending time in nature and around animals will bring you great joy. Taking the time to walk in the bush or along the beach so you feel the fresh air on your face, will benefit your health.

Author: Rose Smith