Tuesday Tarot from 22nd August 2017

Week from Tuesday 22nd August 2017

Ten of Cups

image of woman holding a genie lamp surrounded by gold cups

Your wishes will be granted. The genie appearing on this card is letting you know that happy times are ahead.

You will feel like you have found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Your good fortune is likely to be more through hard work and persistence rather than luck.

This card is also reminding you that family is very important. To have a happy family or relationship, they need constant attention to keep it that way. You could also feel a strong karmic connection to the partner you feel ready to commit to. You will have similar values, especially about family.

The Ten of Cups also indicates that you may be about to purchase a new home, you are likely to ask friends and family for their opinion and approval of your choice. The home you choose will be happy to have and to live in, and you will become part of the community and make friends with the neighbours.

Author: Rose Smith