Tuesday Tarot from 22 September 2015

Week from Tuesday 22 September 2015

6 of Pentacles

image of elegant woman in gown with 6 of pentacles

You are displaying yourself as a clever and financially savvy person this week. Even if you are short on moula, you have the capacity to make $$$ from seemingly nowhere.

There is an art to how you do your financial business and other people see your resourcefulness, your craftsmanship and financial acumen. You could run a household or a corporation, the principles are similar – money out must always be less than money in!

Keep on the path and don’t allow budget blowouts to occur, this may mean steering others with your fiscal finesse but know that you have it in you to succeed. Now is an excellent time to start a small business or expand an existing one.

Remember charity begins at home and you may feel like donating to local charities. Well done and keep on keeping on!

Card interpretation by Rose Smith.

Author: Rose Smith