Tuesday Tarot from 22 December 2015

Week from Tuesday 22 December 2015

Ace of Cups

image of a golden chalice with a crown representing the ace of cups tarot

A time of new emotional beginnings, you are beginning to feel alive again. New things are coming in and you feel good about them. Hope springs eternal and you could feel yourself becoming more creative and optimistic. Your Heart is opening to the grand force of life and you will be rewarded in time for allowing this expansion in your consciousness.

Drink from the Holy Grail and feel yourself being renewed again ready to take on the world with multiple projects and endeavours. Your Heart is in the right place and Spirit is recognising you. Soon your middle name will be ‘abundance’ and you will feel inner growth changing your life. Make space within to allow Divine Love to flood your being right down to a cellular level.

Keep this up and you will soon have physical manifestations of Divine Love flowing into all areas of your life. Focus on the positive feelings to get physical results, you are very fertile right now so feel what you want and make a plan.

Tarot card interpretation by Rose Smith.

Author: Rose Smith