Tuesday Tarot from 21st March 2017

Week from Tuesday 21st March 2017

The Fool

image of woman balancing in the air representing the fool tarot

The Fool tarot card is letting you know that no matter how many setbacks or disappointments you have had in life, there is always hope or a new adventure around the corner.

The dog on the card is representing family who are trying to hold you back. Take life by the horns and shout to the world “this is my time and my life”. It is time for you to free your inner spirit and take flight. Do things that you have longed to do but have been afraid to do because of what people might think.

You may have felt that you would never find love again, but now is the time to open your heart and let joy and happiness surround you.

Broaden your horizons and take the road less travelled. An opportunity to travel to exotic and out of the way places may come out of the blue. Be ready to pack your bag and take off at a moment’s notice.

Author: Rose Smith