Tuesday Tarot from 21 July 2015

Week from Tuesday 21 July 2015

5 of Swords

You may be feeling depressed and down at the moment. Just know it’s a temporary thing, breathe your way through the disagreements, angst and disappointment. Someone not very nice could be dominating you so that you can’t express yourself properly. This could also be a part of you doing it to yourself!

Stand up and do some stretching exercises, especially those opening up your chest to release the blocked energy around your heart chakra. The person you are submitting to is teaching you a valuable lesson….cut the cords of domination and submission and stand tall in your core. Conflict and defeat can be overcome if you can contact the heroine within.

Your apparent loss may well end up being a long term gain if you can find the silver lining in the current clouds in your life.

Tarot card interpretation by Rose Smith.

image of roman man overpowering a woman slave

Author: Rose Smith