Tuesday Tarot from 20th June 2017

Week from Tuesday 20th June 2017

The Sun

image of a woman with red hair holding a glowing sun on a tarot card

Lucky you, the Sun is shining in your corner. If you have been in a dark place recently, the Sun is now going to help you put all your woes behind you and remind you to live in the moment and enjoy life.

The Sun is releasing you from your past and giving you the chance to shine in its dazzling glory. Your self-esteem and self-confidence will rise once again.

This card is about self-expression and being creative. If you are the artistic type, consider joining a singing group or becoming involved with an amateur theatre group. You will find you will really enjoy these types of activities.

If you are thinking of travelling, the Sun card suggests you head to a warm climate, a holiday in the Sun might just be what you need.

Your relationships will be full of great happiness, you will never run out of ideas to keep the fun and romance alive.

When you are looking for a career think about working with children, animals or in a horticultural field.

Author: Rose Smith