Tuesday Tarot from 20th February 2018

Week from Tuesday 20th February 2018

The Star

image of a woman in a green dress looking at the star representing the tarot

Feel drawn to this card? Then it is your time to shine! Explore creative endeavours that you feel drawn to, whether it be art, singing, writing or acting. You could find that you can excel and stand out from the crowd in one or more of these creative areas.

There is no need to rush any decisions at the moment, take a break away from your everyday life. It could be a weekend at a peaceful location only a short drive away, or an extended holiday in an exotic location. While you are away, take the time to clear your mind and allow yourself the freedom to spend time doing what you enjoy.

If you are in a relationship, now might be the time to take a break from your partner so you each spend time on personal growth, and pursuing your own hobbies and friends. It doesn’t have to be permanent, you just need the break at the moment.

The Star on this card could be reminding you to spend time balancing your eight chakras, the seven in the body and the one above the Crown Chakra, the “spiritual chakra”. If you are new to balancing your chakra, take some time to find a holistic healer who can help you.

Author: Rose Smith