Tuesday Tarot from 2 June 2015

Week from Tuesday 2 June 2015


You are becoming more balanced and measured with your emotions now as you integrate opposite energies. You have managed to overcome fear, anxiety or other deeply held emotions. Good luck shall come to you as a reward.

You are balancing all the aspects of your life and not being swayed by one or the other. A very important crossroad has been reached in your life. Buddhists say ‘take the middle path’ and so you shall with moderation and patience. Extremes in life are not for you as you remain calm and peaceful within yourself regardless of your present, past or future circumstances.

You are accomplishing much and demonstrating the mark of a mature personality. Well done! You bring moderation and good management to all your projects and relationships. Other people recognise how wise indeed you have become.

Card interpretation by Rose Smith.

image of a beautiful woman with a golden goblet

Author: Rose Smith