Tuesday Tarot from 1st November 2016

Week from Tuesday 1st November 2016

Queen of Cups

image of a woman in a green dress holding the queen of cups tarot

Are you the peacemaker in the family or at work? The Queen of Cups is showing you the calming effect of the sea and suggests that you are able to smooth ruffled feathers when there is an argument.

If you feel a connection with this card, then you are naturally intuitive and a deep thinker. As you can see, the Queen has a focused stare which highlights her deep thoughts.

Living near the sea or water would be the best place for you, the Queen’s element is Water. When she can sit on her shell throne and have her feet in the water she is happy and contented.

Your caring nature would naturally lead you to a career in nursing, healing or childcare. You also care deeply for animals and may do some pet sitting from time to time.

In the right relationship you are a loving, faithful partner who tends to marry for life.

Overall, you are a beautiful human being.

Tarot Card Interpretation by Rose Smith.

Author: Rose Smith