Tuesday Tarot from 1st January 2019

Week from Tuesday 1st January 2019

Eight of Pentacles

image of a woman using a chisel representing the 8 of pentacles

If you feel drawn to this card, the 8 of Pentacles indicates that you are a hard worker. You are successful due to your commitment and unrelenting effort to get the job done. You also demonstrate an eye for detail and the quality of your work is exceptional.

This card is also a reminder that you need to spend time doing something that you really enjoy. It could be work related, a hobby or travel. It may even be doing some extra study.

The 8 of Pentacles also shows that you put great effort and commitment into your relationships. If your current relationship is just plodding along, spending more time at home or making time for fun will have it back in balance in no time.

Have you been thinking about volunteering or sponsoring those less fortunate lately? This could be very rewarding for you.

Author: Rose Smith