Tuesday Tarot from 1st August 2017

Week from Tuesday 1st August 2017

4 of Wands

image of woman holding grapes outside a window

The time has arrived for fun and parties! It could also be time for a holiday or a day trip to the countryside to spend some time in nature.

The bunch of grapes depicted in the Four of Wands card is a sign that you can now enjoy the fruits of your labour. All the hard work you have put in is about to pay off for you! Yay!

The window shown in this card too could symbolise that you are waiting to be accepted into a club or some form of organisation. Keep an eye on your letterbox, positive news is on its way.

If you are in a relationship, you will be moving into a time of feeling safe and secure. You have made a deep commitment to each other and celebrations might be around the corner; an engagement party or wedding might not be too far away.

On the career front, the upcoming celebration could be in your honour, to reward you for a job well done on project that you completed. Prepare a thank you speech!

Author: Rose Smith