Tuesday Tarot from 19th September 2017

Week from Tuesday 19th September 2017

King of Swords

image of king sitting on throne with swords

If you are making major decisions at the moment, don’t let your emotions get in the way. Use your head and not your heart at this time. You need to think clearly and if necessary, ask professionals for their help.

Someone may be giving you advice at the moment about a situation in your life… the King of swords confirms for you that the advice is sound and you should listen.

On the flip side, someone may be asking you for your help regarding their situation. Make sure you gather all the facts before giving your advice.

If you are dealing with legal matters, the King of Swords is telling you that the outcome will be in your favour. It will be a fair and balanced decision.

When looking for a partner, you tend to look for someone like yourself, a person who is a logical thinker, steady and practical. There may not be any great romance or passion but you will be comfortable with each other and enjoy each other’s company.

You are quite happy with your own company and living alone, so you won’t commit to a relationship until you have taken time to work out if you can live with the person.

Author: Rose Smith