Tuesday Tarot from 19th December 2017

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Week from Tuesday 19th December 2017

2 of Pentacles

image of a woman with 2 coins on her eyes representing 2 of pentacles tarot card

Time to find balance in your life. All work and no play is not the way to go! Find time for relaxation and fun to balance the work.

You may feel that you need to work, work, work to afford to pay the bills. Whilst you may be going through a financial struggle, things aren’t as bad as they seem. If you are careful with your money and make clever investments, the 2 of Pentacles indicates you could double your money.

When you are worried about finances, your moods may be affected, one day up and one day down. Try and stay on even ground so you don’t alienate the people who are close to you.

In your career, the 2 of Pentacles shows that you might be deciding between two jobs or careers. Your first thoughts are probably to base your decisions on the size of the pay packet. Remember, job satisfaction should also be considered.

This card also suggests that you are trying to juggle two relationships and you are being drained both physically and financially. Be mindful of this.

Author: Rose Smith