Tuesday Tarot from 19 May 2015

Week from Tuesday 19 May 2015

7 of Swords

After a long battle or scenario, you can look back and say you did the best you possibly could. It’s not pleasant but that’s all you could manage under the circumstances. Don’t blame yourself if things haven’t gone your way, it may not be your fault. Start planning to move forward again and know that happiness is there in your future and it is your birthright to have.

Now it is time to pull up your boots and get moving again alone. You may have been betrayed or someone has deceived you but move forward on your own now. Alternatively, you may be doing something by stealth and if so, you are likely to be found out.

Sometimes it is better to deal with a problem head on and sometimes not, only you can be the judge in your scenario. Be cautious and careful now.

Card interpretation by Rose Smith.

image of woman with 7 of swords on tarot card

Author: Rose Smith