Tuesday Tarot from 18 August 2015

Week from Tuesday 18 August 2015

4 of Wands

image of woman holding grapes outside a window

The rewards of your labours are here, soon you can sit back and take it a bit easier. You have been working hard towards something and the fruits are nearly now falling into your lap. A project or endeavour is paying dividends and you deserve them! It’s a time to celebrate!

You may soon hear of a marriage or celebration, please attend! Your home life is important at the moment and you have built something on good foundations and you should feel good about what you have accomplished. A special event could soon happen and it may involve you or a member of your family….it’s a milestone!

You are moving to a new stage in your life so well done! If you feel frustrated, just take a breath, it’s all happening now!

Tarot Card interpretation by Rose Smith.

Author: Rose Smith