Tuesday Tarot from 17th January 2017

Week from Tuesday 17th January 2017

Five of Wands

image of woman holding the 5 of wands representing the tarot

Are you looking for change in your life? The Five of Wands is saying that change, whether it be positive or negative will be welcomed by you.

You may feel that the Universe is working against you at the moment, little annoyances like burning the toast, a flat tyre on the way to work or realising you have left your wallet at home after you have piled the shopping trolley. Always think that tomorrow is another day and it is bound to be better.

Is there someone in your life who always puts you down or who always thinks their opinion is the only right one? Don’t let them belittle you or make you feel inadequate. Stand your ground and be prepared to speak up for yourself.

If you are feeling drawn to this card, you are likely to attract a partner who is very competitive. It could be a fiery relationship, however this does not mean the relationship will fail or is wrong. It just suggests that you are both strong people. There is usually lots of excitement in this type of relationship in that you both enjoy the outdoors and physical activities.

You may also work in a challenging environment where there is lots of competition and very little team work. You have the energy and drive to succeed! Don’t let others try to undermine you.

Author: Rose Smith