Tuesday Tarot from 16th January 2018

Week from Tuesday 16th January 2018

Knight of Pentacles

image of a female knight holding the pentacles sitting on a lion

If you have been procrastinating about a project, the Knight of Pentacles is indicating you need to start working on it soon. There is no need to rush in, but it is time to start. Now is the time to put other distractions aside and channel all of your energy into the project.

Once you have completed the project you will look back and wonder why you hadn’t started earlier.

Others may be expecting too much of you at the moment, they know you have what it takes to deliver a great result.

To enable you to focus your attention to the job at hand you need to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Cut down on take-away food and sugary snacks. Including time spent in nature and an exercise regime would also be helpful to you.

Now is not the time to rush into a new relationship, take time to get to know the person you may be interested in. A new partner could already be part of your circle of friends, or a work colleague.

Let nature take its course, a long term happy and loving relationship is worth waiting for.

Author: Rose Smith