Tuesday Tarot from 15th November 2016

Week from Tuesday 15th November 2016

Eight of Wands

image of a woman flying on a broom with 8 wands flying around her

Are you frustrated with life and feeling stuck at the moment? Or are you waiting for your life to take a leap forward?

The Eight of Wands Tarot Card has been drawn this week and is reminding us to be patient. You may feel that you can’t move forward because you are waiting for decisions from other people. Don’t push the issue.

The wands flying through the air in this card shows things are already in motion – you just have to wait for them to land. Once the wands land it will be a time of celebration! Projects you have been working on will finally be finished. For example, you may have been building a house and at last it is completed.

The wands also indicate travel through air. Now would be a good time to consider taking an overseas holiday to an exotic destination.

The Eight of Wands card also represents Cupid’s Arrows, so prepare yourself to be swept off your feet by someone. This relationship could be fast moving and involve a lot of social activities. You may even find this romance while you are on an overseas holiday.

Pace yourself, as everything may happen very fast!

Tarot Card interpretation by Rose Smith.

Author: Rose Smith