Tuesday Tarot from 15th May 2018

Week from Tuesday 15th May 2018

The Hierophant

image of a woman holding a candle sitting on books

With the Hierophant Tarot Card drawn this week, it is showing us that this is a time to stop doing what you think others expect of you. Follow your heart and don’t be scared to follow your dreams!

You may have had a tendency to follow the traditional path in life in both your relationships and career in order to look ‘respectable’ to the outside world.

Even when it comes to relationships, you have thought the right thing to do is to go through the ‘respectable’ process i.e. courtship, engagement and then marriage. For this reason you have been attracting people who also want to be seen as respectable and so you have felt a need to conform to other’s ideals and expectations.

You have always been the reliable and dependent one, especially at work and in your relationships. Be proud of this but don’t be scared to shake things up a little, especially if you feel your current relationship or career is stuck in a rut.

Now might be the time to break away and find a career or relationship path that allows you to follow your dreams! Ignore the judgement of others in what you choose to do!

Author: Rose Smith