Tuesday Tarot from 15 September 2015

Week from Tuesday 15 September 2015

4 of Swords

image of woman in nightgown balanced on 4 swords

This card symbolises you need to retreat and recuperate after a challenging time. You may have been in the wars lately and sometimes it is best to retreat and fight another day. You need solitary me time so you can think and contemplate all that has happened to you in your life.

Change is around the corner, so this time of being receptive to the needs of your Soul will stand you in good stead when the time comes for transformation. Now is a time of silent stillness so you can hear the whispers of Spirit in your quiet time.

Try and have a few days away somewhere peaceful. If you can’t manage that, even a walk in nature in the early morning will help reset your busy mind and transport you away to another realm of Spirit. The problems won’t go away…they will still be there when you get back, but at least you’ll be better set to cope with them. Change will come.

Card interpretation by Rose Smith.

Author: Rose Smith