Tuesday Tarot from 14th March 2017

Week from Tuesday 14th March 2017

Page of Cups

image of woman holding a goblet with a fish representing the Page of Cups tarot

Lots of information will be coming your way, as the Page of Cups is the deliverer of news! This will involve new beginnings, it could be a new relationship, new job or new home.

The changes won’t happen all at once – it may take up to 6 months for the changes to occur. The changes will stir your emotions and give you great joy. Listen to your inner voice and take its advice, follow your heart.

If you tend to be a people pleaser always remember to take your own happiness and needs into consideration.

When in a relationship, allow each other to spend time alone without either partner feeling rejected or unloved. You tend to prefer long-term relationships as opposed to flings or one night stands.

The Page of Cups also show us that you love fashion and would rarely be seen out in public looking untidy or grubby.

If you feel drawn to the Page of Cups it indicates that you are loving, adorable and huggable.

Author: Rose Smith