Tuesday Tarot from 14 June 2016

Week from Tuesday 14 June 2016

3 of Swords

image of woman with 3 of swords hanging behind her

Sending you a big hug! Remember that setbacks, failures and tragedy are a part of life. Change is not always easy.

Do not despair…believe in miracles. We are all subjects to sorrow and suffering. Endurance, perseverance and patience is the key element to clear this phase of challenges. We all must experience good and bad…. accept it. It is at times like these the opportunity to deepen our strengths and coping skills manifest.

Without these troublesome times and experiences we would not become warriors, for it takes a warrior to see the victory at hand and defeat the odds to win the battle.

Soon all this will be behind you. Hold onto your positive attitude and believe.

Don’t give up! You will find a way to strengthen that light within you for life is worth fighting for.

Tarot Card interpretation by Psychic Maria.

Author: Maria