Tuesday Tarot from 14 July 2015

Week from Tuesday 14 July 2015

3 of Wands

This card suggests socialising, but there could be a few issues to deal with. Not everyone is as friendly as you may hope for. Although this is a good time for competitive sport, do not carry this competition over into your relationships or you may find arguments develop more quickly than you think. Each of you is fueled by a firey passion and so like a bush fire, words may easily get out of control.

It is a good time however to get words and ideas across if you are careful. You can make progress today with the passion of wands, getting things done and going about your business. Expand your horizons which may involve some travel and open some doors of opportunity.

You have strength and confidence on your side so move ahead and achieve your heart’s desires.

Tarot Card Interpretation by Rose Smith.

image of 3 beautiful women representing the 3 of wands tarot card

Author: Rose Smith