Tuesday Tarot from 13th November 2018

Week from Tuesday 13th November 2018

The High Priestess

image of beautiful woman in blue cloak representing the high priestess tarot card

Feeling drawn to this card? The High Priestess with her blue cloak over her pale blue dress suggests that you tend to lead a spiritual life. You are a person who understands that everything is not as it seems at first glance. Going deep within oneself to find the answers to a problem is a spiritual practice you live by.

Spend some time to practise meditation as this allows you to hear your inner voice and listen to the whisperings. The answers to your questions lie within you, and meditation is one way to remove yourself from external distractions to help you discover the answers.

Generally now is not the time for action, take your time to reflect on the situation before you make your next move. A past life situation may be influencing you now, so it is ok to reflect on the past and then move on. Take notice of your dreams too and write down the important information that the High Priestess is giving you.

If you are in a relationship, now might be the time for you to both spend time alone and consider your true feelings for each other. This could lead to the end of the relationship or an even greater connection and commitment to each other.

Author: Rose Smith