Tuesday Tarot from 13th February 2018

Week from Tuesday 13th February 2018

King of Cups

image of a king sitting on the throne holding a gold cup

Now is the time to take control of your emotions. As you can see on this card, the King is adrift at sea, but he doesn’t panic, he knows the tide will bring him safely to shore.

You may come across as secretive or withdrawn to people around you. Remember it is okay to show your emotions at times, cry if you need to and show your compassion.

When times of conflict or difficult situations arise, you are the one people turn to for a calm and fair resolution. You are a great listener and do not like to take sides.

Once you find a partner who you feel a deep connection to you are likely to marry for life. You tend to treat your partner as an equal and listen to their point of view, then make decisions together.

Once you have children you will be a very calming influence in their lives, not the type to fly off the handle when they misbehave.

As the card shows the King with a wine goblet in his hand, this indicates that you enjoy celebrations, especially involving family.

Author: Rose Smith