Tuesday Tarot from 13 September 2016

Week from Tuesday 13 September 2016

King of Cups

image of a king sitting on the throne holding a gold cup

The deep blue of the King’s gown shows his connection with water. His throne is a large sea shell floating on a calm sea showing he has the positive, caring, sensitive and compassionate energies of water.

At this time, you manage to keep calm when others around you are out of control. You manage to look into the heart of the matter and help them regain control over their lives once more.

If you are feeling a connection with this tarot card, then a career involving counselling or mediation would allow you to use your understanding nature, deep compassion and sensitivity to the feeling of others. Your love of the sea could also see you in a career as a captain of a boat or fisherman.

Children bring you great joy and you love to be involved in their upbringing whether the child is yours or one close to you. Entertaining family and friends at home is one of your passions. You like nothing better than to make them feel welcome and important.

Now is the time to listen to your inner voice and book a holiday by the sea or an ocean cruise to recharge your batteries.

After the turmoil ends around you, a new fresh start awaits.

Tarot card interpretation by Rose Smith.

Author: Rose Smith