Tuesday Tarot from 13 October 2015

Week from Tuesday 13 October 2015

Page of Cups

image of woman holding a goblet with a fish representing the Page of Cups tarot

You may hear some good news or a positive message is coming your way. It may be concerning family or someone close to you. There may be a seemingly small opportunity but this could grow into something much bigger given your time and effort. Whatever it is, you will feel happy about it so please take your feelings seriously.

The fish in the cup, is a sign of messages from your subconscious, small hidden things will make themselves known so you could be in for some pleasant surprises. Or you may feel particularly inspired about a new project.

If you have some difficult situation, you may get a small breakthrough pointing you in the right direction. If you feel impulsive or emotional, just go with it and expect the unexpected!

Remember small steps may lead to larger success!

Tarot card interpretation by Rose Smith.

Author: Rose Smith