Tuesday Tarot from 12 January 2016

Week from Tuesday 12 January 2016

The Hanged Man

image of a woman hanging upside down representing the Hanged Man tarot card

There’s nothing you can do about an important situation…you just have to sit back and accept it. Waiting around is uncomfortable sometimes, but at least you’re not unwisely rushing into a situation and making it worse. Time will tell what the outcome will be but something has been finished off and something new will start again.

Although you might be feeling helpless just now, it won’t be forever this way. Be patient and new beginnings will happen, in the meantime try to go with the flow and make yourself as peaceful as possible. New adventures and opportunities are coming believe it now….it’s just a matter of time.

Make the sacrifice now and let go so new things can enter your life. Surrender to your own innate wisdom and adopt and wait and see approach.

Tarot Card interpretation by Rose Smith.

Author: Rose Smith