Tuesday Tarot from 10th October 2017

Week from Tuesday 10th October 2017

Queen of Wands

image of a queen in silk dress holding a wand representing the queen of wands tarot

Do you love this card? If so then this card indicates you have a sunny disposition as shown by the Sunflowers. Now is the time to start something new! You are full of life and energy as the leaves bursting forth from the Wand.

Drawing this card shows you are very efficient and would make a brilliant manager and organiser. Event management would be a great career choice for you. Remember though not to take over situations, don’t try and force your ideas on someone if they haven’t asked for your help.

You value your freedom, and you enjoy hanging out with your friends to get some ‘me time’. In your relationships, you may have some challenging discussions from time to time. This keeps your energy flowing. Your life will never be dull and boring.

As you are ambitious and determined you will encourage growth within yourself and your partner, so you can both reach your highest potential.

If you are a mother, you will inspire your children to have a get up and go attitude and you will support them in any way you can.

Author: Rose Smith