Tuesday Tarot from 10th January 2017

Week from Tuesday 10th January 2017

Ace of Pentacles

image of a hand holding the ace of pentacles sign

When a tarot card is drawn, the picture usually tells us the message that is meant to be shared. The archway formed by the hedge in the Ace of Pentacles is showing us that this is a great time to reconnect with nature. The archway also represents an opening, which means there may be a new opportunity for you around the corner.

The Pentacle as you can see is large and solid suggesting that you are going through a positive and stable time in your life. If you feel drawn to this card, you most likely have a solid financial base and could be saving for a major purchase in your life, a car or house.

You feel your relationship is grounded and solid as a rock. You are both careful with money and have the same financial goals in mind. It is likely that you may have met at work and in the future, could be involved in a business venture together that would be very successful and lead to great financial rewards.

As far as your career is concerned, the Ace of Pentacles suggests that you have a job with great prospects for promotion with a large jump in salary. You tend to favour working for long established businesses that are well established and financially sound.

Author: Rose Smith